Witness vbs

Witness statement: 07.10.2018 12:43:57

Status: disabled

Summary weight of votes received: 0 viz

List of voters

Voting properties

Maximum block size: 131072 byte

Account creation fee: 1.00 viz

Account creation cost by delegating: 100.00 delegated viz

Delegation period when creating an account: 30 days

Minimum number of tokens for delegation: 0.00 viz

Minimum check amount: 0.00 viz

Bandwidth reserve for microaccounts: 10%

Maximum capital of a micro account: 500.00 viz

Minimum amount of award capital: 0.50 viz

Number of periods (days) of capital withdraw:

Minimum share of total social capital for a decision on request in the DAO Fund: 10%

Additional bandwidth surcharge for each data operation in a transaction: 0%

Penalty to a witness for missing a block (% of the total weight of votes for a witness): 1%

Duration of the penalty to the witness for skipping the block: 1 days

Fee for creating request to the DAO Fund: 0.00 viz

Fee for creating a paid subscription: 0.00 viz

Fee for putting an account on sale: 0.00 viz

Fee for putting subaccounts on sale: 0.00 viz

Fee for declaring an account as a witness: 0.00 viz

Distribution of the emission

Reward Fund: 40%

DAO Fund: 40%

Witnesses Fund: 20%

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