State of the VIZ blockchain
as of 30.07.2021 00:23:51 GMT


Period Accounts
In 30 days2095
In 7 days1614
In 1 day534
In 1 hour58
Blocks Value
Average block size114 byte
Block filling0.17%
Transactions per day2070
Network accessibility100%

The Economy

Tokens Amount, viz
Liquid 7 472 639.30
In capital 26 223 058.43
DAO Fund 983 557.89
Reward Fund 32 302.32
Total in the economy 34 711 557.94
Freezed 30 800 000.00
Summary 65 511 557.94
Emission Value
Reward Fund40%
DAO Fund40%
Fixation period28 days
Distribution recalculation24.08.21 00:29 GMT
Total per year6 050 000.00 viz

Witnesses props

Property Value
Account creation fee 1.00 viz
Account creation cost by delegating 10.00 viz
Delegation period when creating an account 30 days
Bandwidth reserve for microaccounts 0%
Maximum capital of a micro account 0.00 viz
Maximum block size 65536 byte
Additional bandwidth surcharge for each data operation in a transaction 1000%
Minimum number of tokens for delegation 1.00 viz
Minimum amount of award capital 5.00 viz
Minimum share of total social capital for a decision on request in the DAO Fund 20%
Penalty to a witness for missing a block (% of the total weight of votes for a witness) 1%
Duration of the penalty to the witness for skipping the block 1 days
Share of the emission going to the reward of the witnesses 20%
Share of the remaining emission going to the DAO Fund 50%
Period of fixation of the emission model 28 days
Minimum check amount 10.00 viz
Fee for creating request to the DAO Fund 100.00 viz
Fee for creating a paid subscription 100.00 viz
Fee for putting an account on sale 10.00 viz
Fee for putting subaccounts on sale 100.00 viz
Fee for declaring an account as a witness 10.00 viz
Number of periods (days) of capital withdraw 28
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